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A staple that is found on the shelves of almost every Indian kitchen, the VLC Kashmiri chilli powder is a must-have ingredient in curries, sauces, pastes, and pickles.
There are many varieties of chillies found in India and their uses range from adding colours, flavour, texture, and also packing a strong punch in food preparations. Among these, Kashmiri lal mirch powder is very popular and used in many dishes. With its rich flavour and attractive colour, it can make any dish look mouth-watering.


The Golden Spice – turmeric finds its place in every Indian kitchen. Its brilliant yellow colour and warm flavour are well known. Also known as “Indian Saffron” and commonly called “haldi”, it is widely used as a spice or seasoning and also acts as a preservative.
Turmeric powder is a common sight in most Indian culinary dishes and is also used during rituals and celebrations. Made from freshly sourced natural turmeric ingredients, VLC Turmeric powder lends a powerful flavour to all kinds of delicacies.


The seed of the flowering plant Cuminum Cyminum, cumin is a quintessential cooking ingredient across Indian kitchens. Apart from imparting its rich, earthy, smoky, and delicious flavour to food preparations, cumin also has several nutritional and health benefits. 
VLC Cumin powder is obtained by slow grinding of the finest cumin seeds.


Derived by roasting and grounding the seeds of the coriander plant, coriander powder has a mild aroma and flavour. Often called dhaniya powder, it is found in a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes in India. Coriander powder is known for its citrusy, warm and spicy flavour. A pinch of VLC‘s Coriander powder can enhance the flavour of curries within minutes and is stocked across Indian kitchens regularly.


Green Cardamom commonly referred to as choti elaichi in Indian households, is an aromatic spice with a warm aroma and a long-lasting pungent taste. It is one of the ingredients of the garam masala powder used in Indian food preparations, lending the aroma and unique taste to the dishes. The green covering of cardamom can be used separately. The black seeds of cardamom are also used in the powdered form to enhance the flavour. It is often used along with the outer green covering to add extra flavour to tea and coffee, and also in sweet dishes. Green cardamom is useful for asthma patients and for relieving acidity. It is also used as a mouth freshener. Only a small amount of green cardamom powder is sufficient to boost the taste of your dishes with its aroma and rich flavour.


Cloves are the aromatic flower bud of a spice tree. Used to elevate flavors of every dish. VLC Cloves are hand-picked from selected farms in India and Sri Lanka.

Cloves is a versitile spice and can be used in many blends to bring a mouth-watering flavour. Cloves offer many health benefits, it improves digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Cloves are also good for reducing flatulence, gastric irritability, dyspepsia and nausea. They can be roasted, powdered, and taken with honey for relief in digestive disorders.


Peppers are an essential part of Indian cooking. Whole black pepper is one of the most common ingredients in cooking. Pepper is used in rice preparations like biryani and enhances the flavour of many Indian dishes. It is also one of the ingredients in garam masala, a blend of spices famous for its aroma and enhancing the taste of dishes. 
Apart from food, whole black pepper is used for its medicinal properties and as a component of home remedies.
A pinch of black pepper powder turns bland food into a hot and aromatic delicacy. VLC Black pepper is used as a substitute for other hot spices, such as chilli. Salt and pepper make an essential pair of tabletop condiments. Use whole black pepper for Sambar, Khichadi, etc. A few peppercorns can add a distinct flavour and lend the trademark aroma to a multitude of recipes.


Cinnamon is a multipurpose spice that adds flavours to various foods. It is especially used for enhancing flavour while baking pastries and desserts. Cinnamon also lends its signature aroma to curries, confections, and beverages. It is a common ingredient in sweet and savoury recipes. VLC Cinnamon Roll is an all-time favourite with cinnamon prominently used along with butter and brown sugar. Only a few spices can mix with varied ingredients, and cinnamon is one of those spices.
Cinnamon’s aroma never fades irrespective of shallow frying, sprinkling its powder, or using it while baking. Cinnamon is not only used as a spice or condiment in cooking, but it also has medicinal uses. Cinnamon tea is a delightful drink as a home remedy for various issues, such as colds, coughs, etc. It is also used as a condiment in many desserts.