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Whole Spices

VLC as whole spices exporters, offer spices in their cleanest and purest form and have not undergone any fumigation and sterilization. We provide spices with customized specifications for granulations and other critical parameters. VLC Spices is a renowned whole spices supplier in India delivering superior quality whole spices processed and packed under strict quality checks.

Types of Whole Spices
• Black Pepper: This master spice can be stored for a long duration, and with VLC’s airtight packings, you can even expect an extended longer shelf life.
• Black Sesame Seeds: These rich in Omega 3 fatty acids seeds are machine-cleaned and packed to ensure that they are free from any dust and moisture.
• Cardamom Black (Kali Ilayachi): As a leading whole spice manufacturer, VLC offers Black Cardamom in various packings to suit their clients’ needs.
• Cardamom Green: VLC spices is an established green cardamom supplier exporting it in pods whole or split, and even as seeds based on client’s demand.
• Cinnamon Roll: We offer cinnamon in various diameters. We can also provide smaller or larger parts of cinnamon quillings as per unique clients’ needs.
• Coriander: One of the most essential spices, coriander from VLC is sourced only from the place of its origin and packed in its naturally grown form.
• Cumin Seeds: A critical staple of Indian curries, VLC spices ensure that these seeds are packed containing moisture below permissible levels.
• Dill Seeds: These aromatic seeds are packed with no chemicals, no artificial colors, and no preservatives, and are available in various packing sizes.
• Fennel Seeds: Also used as an after-dinner mint to aid digestion, these seeds are roasted to make them moisture-free, and supplied in airtight packaging.
• Fenugreek Seeds: Bitter and help bring that signature curry smell, VLC Spice Company offers Fennel seeds dried and supplied in their most natural form.
• Mace: A leaf-like spice, it is available in special packaging, ensuring its rich mineral concentration and essential oils property remain intact.
• Mustard Seeds: Offering a nutty note to curries, VLC spice company packs these seeds ensuring to keep intact their accurate composition and flavor.
• Nigella Seed: Most useful for the bakery industry, these ethically sourced, and unadulterated seeds are available in all customized packaging.
• Nutmeg: A key ingredient in baked goods, VLC packs Nutmeg in small batches to keep this spice fresh, and ensures that it is supplied intact.
• Red Dry Chilli: Red chilli is always in high demand at VLC and is packed with high-quality machines. VLC is among well-known red chilli suppliers in India.
• Cloves: Used in aromatic dishes, VLC offers quality hand-picked cloves with high oil content for the food industry and pharmaceutical companies as well.
• Asafoetida: Known as one of the most aromatic spices, hing is packed in special packaging, free from any adulterations like maida or cornflour.
• Turmeric: Providing yellow color to a dish, VLC is a noted turmeric manufacturer in India, and ensures low temperature while packing, to protect its nutrients.
• Mango Powder: This common Indian seasoning spice is also in high demand worldwide and is usually exported to all parts of the world through VLC.
• Star Anise (Chakra Phool): Usually used while preparing garam masala, it is available in small airtight packs to keep it moisture free and fresh.