Private Labeling

With our expertise in whole spices, ground spices, blended spices, curry powders, and baking spices, VLC Spices has also ventured into the private labelling category. Private labelling enables our customers to leverage their brand image and enhance brand loyalty. VLC Spices is one of India’s private-label spice manufacturers with a guarantee of top-quality premium products.
Our team of experts ensures that the finest and freshest raw materials are selected and processed carefully at every step to obtain superior-quality end products. We are committed to
providing premium quality, unadulterated products with the highest degree of hygiene to everyhousehold.








As one of the best private-label spice companies, we cater to wholesalers and retail chains and engage with distributors for international markets. Our production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to manufacture and process premium quality products. With an annual production capacity of over 5000 tons, we can meet the requirements of our customers. We have selected a team with in-depth experience and industrial knowledge to select superior raw materials, perform quality control tests, and provide desired packaging options. 

You will have several advantages by choosing VLC Spice among the private-label seasoning companies that offer these products. We offer our product range at a reasonable price, and you can control the pricing with a superior value offering and enhance your profit margins. You can optimise your label as a premium brand. With our experience, we can provide bold, clean, and complex flavours. We have maintained the high quality of our products and offer you the same with our private-label solution. 

Contact us for the best offers on your choice of products. Our products are prepared using high-quality machines and are in high demand due to their accurate composition, non-toxic nature, and high purity. If you want an innovative solution apart from our existing products, our team will be happy to collaborate and deliver the customised recipe of your choice. 

You can choose from the various packaging options that we provide. Our team of professionals can recommend the size and style of packaging based on our experience. We offer packaging options like plastic bottles, tin cans, stand up pouches, and regular packaging. Bulk packaging options are also available. 

Original packaging designs are prepared for each product. The packaging also includes marketing literature that is mandatory from a legal perspective. We have a quick turnaround time in delivering packaging designs as per the customer’s requirements. 

Before dispatching your product, our quality assurance team conducts a thorough check to ensure the top quality committed by us. Your products are shipped to the destination that you have selected. Our team has a rich experience and is dedicated to accomplishing the specific requirements of our customers efficiently.